How it works at Roundhay Viewing Facility Leeds

  • Meet and greet clients and respondents
  • Assist the attendees in any pre-tasks
  • Contact late attendees 10 minutes before the sessions begin to ensure the project runs to time
  • The handling of incentives, signing sheets and disclaimers
  • Assist the moderator throughout the project


The perfect environment for your focus groups whilst keeping costs low.

How it works

Roundhay Research Ltd - Roundhay Viewing facilities are specifically designed for hosting market research group discussions, ux research and interviews. Our viewing facilities are used for conducting qualitative research which enables the evaluation of responses to various stimuli, often including advertising, presentation, packaging, brochures, and websites for example. The exploration of a respondent's opinion of such stimuli can provide the client with an in-depth understanding of how their product is perceived, as well as providing inspiration for how to expand or improve the product or service.

Roundhay Research Ltd - Roundhay Viewing facilitate this through providing the perfect environment for discussions to occur, and provide High Definition MP4 video and MP3 audio recordings as standard, these files can be emailed wherever, 15 minutes after the group or depth has finished, also one-way mirrored viewing rooms with independent air conditioning, dedicated studio assistant service, refreshments and varied catering options.

Can the facility adapt for different research scenarios

Yes, we are able to arrange and dress each studio to suit your project needs. We can provide different settings from Christmas themes to child friendly rooms, Ux research labs, also informal to boardroom style and more.

For cost effective viewing call  0113 2665440

UX Research Lab Available