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Illuminating your research

LEJ Contracts was founded to supply the need for a professional and cost-effective research solution, to both full service and field only agencies throughout the UK.

A thorough approach

LEJ Contracts do all their recruitment in-house - whether nationally, or locally. This enables them to deliver a reliable service, ensuring all criteria are satisfied, without compromise.

Venue facilities can be provided to suit all sizes and types of groups along with moderators, or hostesses, if required.

LEJ Contracts recruit for all aspects of qualitative research including: focus groups, in-depth interviews, telephone interviews, face to face interviews or ASTs (Assisted Shopping Trips)

Their experience embraces both business-to-business and consumer research campaigns, specialising in educational, medical and children's research.


  • LEJ Contracts are a cost effective solution
  • There are no field agency costs and feature highly competitive rates.
  • Their ultra-efficient service brings high quality, affordable and carefully selected research respondents to you.
  • Methods of recruiting are varied from street to list, but always with a resourceful and pro-active attitude.


LEJ Contracts look forward to helping your agency to delight existing clients and to win new accounts through illuminating research.

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